Drivers must produce a full driving licence held for at least a year. The minimum hiring age is 21.

It's minimum a day. In case of delay no longer than 3 hours, 1/5 of daily price will be charged for per hour. This will be full day price in case of a delay longer than 3 hours. Special prices can be applied for long-term renting.

Traffic penalties caused by the lessee's fault and legal liabilities all belong to the renter. In accordance with this the period car prevented from the traffic will be charged from the holder.

All vehicles have been insured by collision insurance. When an accident happen, for this insurance to remain valid the vehicle mustn't be found completely faulty, a traffic accident and alcohol report has to be arranged before changing the vehicle's place and the vehicles mustn't be driven at a speed higher than the legal limit or under the influence of drugs and drinks. In case vehicles are stolen when they are rented, the nearest police or gendarmery has to arrange an official report. Being stolen of the spare tire, tape and tools of the car isn't covered by the insurance. Damages that may be caused because of way of using, being broken of the windows and headlights and also tire demages are out of the scope. Demages caused because of driving are established in accordance with the report arranged by the authorized service are belong to renter. The renter is responsible from any demage caused by the effect of alcohol or drug. In case the renter is complately faultless, no demage value is demanded from the renter. However, a renting price per day is requested during the period the car is being repaired.

The estimated cost of the rent is chargable at the time of delivery of the car (minimum 150 pounds) and the final adjustment will be made on completion of rental. No deposit required from the holder's credit card. A small deposit will be required at the start of the rental to cover the estimated cost of gasoline.

Delivery is out of charge at the places where OSCAR offices are located. For other places only the transportation expenses wil be charged.