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Ölüdeniz is a beach resort connected to Fethiye District of Muğla Province. It is  at 128 km distance to Muğla, 14kms to Fethiye and 75kms to Dalaman Airport. Owing to the extraordinary beauty of its coastline, its nature and eligible lands for many sport activities, it was announced as a Natural park in 1983. Furthermore Ölüdeniz was selected as the most enchanting beach of the world in 2006. It comes after Fethiye as a dearest town and an incomparable holiday spot.

Ölüdeniz has quite improved in terms of touristic services. As its name evokes, it is like a still lake. Even on the coldest days of winter, while Belcekız shore is fighting against waves, Ölüdeniz displays only little chaps.

The story of its name comes from the past: In open sea, Ölüdeniz is invisible. The Lycian King, defeated in a sea war by the King of Lydia, fills Fethiye Oscar Rent A Carhis ship with the surviving members of his tribe, the old-aged, children, women, men and the youngsters. While they are sailing, a storm breaks out and they start to look for a shelter . The son of the king diverts the steer towards Belceğiz shore since he knows about Ölüdeniz which enjoys a sheltered location protected against storms.

However the king who can't see the harbour as they approach the shore, commands to cut off  the head of the person whoever made this order which he believes might result in destruction of the last surviving individuals of his tribe.  However in the mean time the ship approaches the shore and when they are about to enter into the canal, they find Ölüdeniz awaiting for them with all its tranquility. The king and the last members of his tribe survive with their ship but the son of the king has already died. Therefore the harbour has been known as Ölüdeniz eversince.

Those paragliding launching from the top of the 975 metre high Babadağ in Ölüdeniz,  meet the most breathtaking view of the world. This unique bay eligible for swimming throughout 12 months, features many touristic facilities, boarding restaurants, shopping centers and cafes alongside the seafront.Fethiye Oscar Rent A Car

Ölüdeniz is one of the lagoon type formations in Turkey. It takes its name from its still waters. Altough yet it continuously refreshes itself by three ways. One of them is the intensively found spring waters in Ölüdeniz forming a flow underwater towards the open sea. The second one is  the continous circulation to and from the open sea formed by the different levels of salt content. The third reason is the fact that the sea level rises and falls for an avaregare half meter every 2-3 days due to tide.

Ölüdeniz has a typical mediterranean climate. The summers are long hot and dry, the winters are short, dry and rainy.The access is provided both via land, air and marine. There are regular bus services to Fethiye from Antalya, İzmir, Ankara and İstanbul etc. You can prefer Dalaman Airport which is at 75km distance to Ölüdeniz or Antalya Airport which is 220 km .

Ölüdeniz bestowed by God to the world, is a holiday resort admired by the world with a reputation going beyond its country borders. Ölüdeniz with allFethiye Oscar Rent A Car its charming beauty, is not still and  calm indeed. It is quite lively in summer months. Ölüdeniz situated at 154km to Fethiye, dazzles you with its blue waters meeting you after the road winding through the pine-clad landscape.

You see the unqiue Ölüdeniz when you walk on the beach of Belcekız. Ölüdeniz is a fascinating still sea… there is no algea even a little in these waters. A deep blue, wonderful sea… covered with pure white sand. It gets is famous turquaz colour from the breaking sunlight under the effect of the water and sandy bottom. It is a natural wonder with the pine trees falling down onto the sea and long sandy beach displaying a dance of green, blue and purple tones..



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