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Fethiye is a district connected to Muğla Province set in the western side of the Mediterranean Region. Its surface area is 3.059 km². It has the widest surface area including the whole Muğla province in comparison. Fethiye is a district connected to Muğla Province, formerly named as ' Megri' . Megri name was given with a council decision in 1914.

The name was then changed as Fethiye as a dedication to the memory of the Turkish air martyr, Teyyareci Fethi Bey. Fethiye has been a significant settlement since the very old ancient times. Fethiye was called as TELEBEHI which means land of lights. The district was a very important harbour city of Lycia, the leading civilization amongst all other Anatolian civilizations. Its name was Telmessos 'the land of lights' in this period. Fethiye used this name for a long time in ancient times. The rock tombs, sarcophagus, the castle and theatre featuring the unique Lycian style remaining from the ancient Telmessos, glamorize Fethiye with all their splendour.

Fethiye Oscar Rent A CarFethiye is set in the southwest of Turkey by the coast where the Mediterranean meets the Agean sea, at 50 km to the international Dalaman Airport. Its natural harbour and marina offers all the facilities for those preferring voyage and yachters. (Ece saray, Yes Marina, Fethiye Council marina) Göcek marinas and bays, situated at 35km distance to Fethiye, are lately the most visited haunts by the Mediterranean yachters…

It is neighbour to Antalya Province in the east and southeast, to the western Mediterranean sea in the south and southwest, to Dalaman district in the northwest and Denizli and Burdur Districts in the north. Fethiye district, including the ancient Telmessos within its boundaries, is located in the east of Fethiye gulf and in the southwest of Fethiye plateau. The coastal road coming via İzmir-Muğla to Antalya passes at 1km east of the district. It is 130 km to the central province through this road. Fethiye is linked to all the cities in Turkey through this three connected highways Muğla, Antalya and Burdur.

Its distance to the other province and districts; ıt is 55km to Dalaman Airport, 4 km to Ölüdeniz, 35 km to Saklıkent, 35 km to Göcek, 60 km toFethiye Oscar Rent A Car Patara, 120 km to Muğla, 20 km to Antalya Airport, 85 km to Kaş, 65 km to Kalkan, 310 km to Kuşadası, 200 km to Denizli Pamukkale, 238 km to Bodrum, 360 km to İzmir, 650 km to Ankara and 800 km to İstanbul.

Fethiye has had many major earthquakes. Almost all the city was destroyed by the earthquakes happened in 1856 and 1957. Fethiye, which had been re-built, now features a modern harbour and marina. Agriculture is another source of income for Fethiye covered with many fertile and rich lands. So in contrary to the other tourism spots around, life in Fethiye goes active even after the summer season ends.

Fethiye has a typical mediterranean climate. The average temperature in summer is 30° C. And in winter, some days of which are rainy, this value goes down to 12° C. The sea temperature in winter does not fall below 17° C’.

Fethiye Oscar Rent A CarWords fail to describe the beauty of Fethiye. If you are a nature-addict and can 't wait to discover new horizons in your life, Fethiye will be a perfect choice for you. Its bays, each with a unique beauty , beaches, sands, warm climate and fertile lands , green pine forests covering Taurus mountains in this natural heaven are awaiting for your visit. Your holiday in this land of lights will turn into a rhapsody and you will witness the colourful harmony of history, culture and natural beauty.

The King Amynthas Tomb, considered the symbol of Fethiye, attracts your eyes with its fascinating view on the slopes of the hill surrounding the city. This tomb with an Antis- planned temple facade was built in remembrance of the King Amynthas who is believed to be the ruler of Telmessos City in 4th century Hellenistic period..

The first thing coming to the mind about Fethiye, is Ölüdeniz. Lately Saklıkent has also been accompanying this natural wonder appearing on the promotional advertisements. The transportation to Saklıkent is provided by minibus and special vehicles in Fethiye via Fethiye-Kaş highway and the access into the canyon is through a drawbridge between the rock formations resembling high walls.

The ancient Telmessos city, near Belen of Today's Fethiye, which is believed to be founded in 3000 B.C, is siatuated at the border of Caria of the Lycia. Maintaining its independency for years against the Lycia, it passed into the hands of the Persian in mid 6th century B.C. It was taken under Delos League in the 5th century B.C, and to the Lycian League in 362 B.C. Following this the city was ruled by the Caria King Mausolosi. Following its conquery by Alexander the Great coming to the land in 333 BC, it was taken under the sovereignity of the Selevkos. Then it was conquered by Lagos heraldry in Egypt in 3rd century BC and possessed by Pergamon ( Bergama) Kingdom in 188 BC.

After fall of Pergamon Kingdom in 133 BC; it could remain independent for only a short time and stood against the Pontus King Mithradates in cooperation with Rhodes. Later it passed to the hands of the Roman and Byzantine. It was called as Anastasiuopolis in the 8th century in honour of the Emperor Anastasius II. It was taken over by Menteşe beylik in 1284'; and then incorporated to the Ottoman lands in 1424'. As the time went by, ıt took the name Megri which was finally changed as Fethiye dedicated to the memory of the first air martyr Fethi Bey, who lost his life in the first plane crash of Turkish aviation history in 1913. Fethiye , being a town connected to Menteşe Sanjak of Aydın Province in late 19th century , was under Italian invasion from 11th May 1919 to 20th June 1920.

It joined into the Attic Delos Leaugue in 5th century BC. Later leaving the leau-ugue, it continued its existence as an independent city. Telmessos, home of many diviners recognized with their predictions, shared the same fate as all other cities around having been conquered by Alexander the Great . Telmessos was invaded by Roman and was given the name Macri originating from Latin, which means 'Distant lands' due to its distance to the centre of Roman Empire. It was ruled by Bergama Empire in 5th century AD and East Roman and Byzantine in the 8th century. Eventhough its name Macri was replaced as Anastasia Poli in the Byzantine Emperor ll. Anastasius's period, a century later the name MACRI was back in use again.

In 1282 (1284) it was conquered by Mentese Bey. During the war he, himself died a martyr. He, now , lies in the shrine mistakenly known to belong to Ahmet Gazi. This mistake has been continued by the public because the shrine was built afterwards by his nephew Ahmet Gazi, who came to Macri as the administrator 75-80 years later. Ahmet Gazi's shrine is within Beçin castle around Milas. Macri, passing to the hands of Ottoman in 1424, was started to be known as Megri by the public. In Ottoman records it is mentioned as Macri or Megri. As the number of Turkish residents increased, the name was changed to be İskele ( Quay). This name is still in use Today.

It again took the name Megri as a town connected to Mentese Lica (Shire) in 1874. A municipal administration was formed in the same year. After the announcement of Republic, Menteşe Shire was changed to be Muğla Province and Megri was made a district of it. In 1914, through a decision of Megri City Cocuncil, it was given the name 'Fethiye' in the memory of the Lieutenant Fethi Bey, one of our first pilots died around Taberiye in 1914. This name was instantly adopted by the local residents.

Telmessos (Fethiye) was taken by the Persian in 545 BC(6.cc.) and surrendered to Alexander the Great in 333 BC (4th cc.) . Upon death of Alexander the Great, the city remained under the rule of the Egyptian King Ptalomus until its invasion by the Roman Empire when it took the name Megri(Macri) which means ' distant lands'. After division of the Roman Empire into two, Fethiye (Megri) was incorporated to the borders of East Rome/ Byzantine Empire

In 1282, Menteşe Bey, one of the founders of Menteşe Beylik, took Megri from the hands of the Byzantine. Whereafter in 1424, it was included within Ottoman lands. Megri (Macri) was recognized as Beş Kaza ( Five Towns) between people in Ottoman period ; It was made a county connected to Menteşe Liv (Shire) in 1874. After the anouncement of Republic, the name of the town was changed as Fethiye, originating from the name of one of our first pilots to die a martry in 1913, in a plane crash around Teberiye after taking off from Damascus.

There are many Lycian type sarcophagi around Fethiye. Some of them display inscriptions in Lycian language. The Teke Peninsula liying between Fethiye and Antalya was known as Lycian in ancient times. The Lycian, among native people of Anatolia, is defined as a seafarer nation in famous Illiad by Homeros and in the first written agreement of the history which ended Kadeş war.

Telmesssos ancient theatre is situated immediately behind the commercial quay, in the centre of Fethiye. Fethiye museum, composed of archeology and ethnography sections is in a central location of the town. The museum displays works remaining from the early Lycian, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods besides samples of typical handcrafts of the local culture.
Fethiye, with its unmatchable beach Ölüdeniz, is one of the best tourism spots of Turkey. Ölüdeniz offers many touristic attractions. It has unique choices for diving like Af Kule (Af Tower) Monastery, natural wonders like the Blue Cave, famous bays like Butterfly valley, Babadağ for paragliders, Kabak bay with an untouched nature and many more.... Ölüdeniz, is only one of the many other beaches around Fethiye, each with a unique beauty; Belcekız (Belceğiz), Çalış Beach, İztuzu Beach (Dalyan), Patara…

Once you check-in the hotel, first have a walk in the cenral bazaar (Paspatur). You will feel yourself a Fethiye resident while walking through its well-preserved, narrow streets with tiny little shady squares. You will feel as if you always lived there. This emotion will captivate you. Colours of the bazaar gain different tones when the evening comes. Now it is the time for bars and restaurants. When the sun sets, the night life gets its speed. Leaving the warm summer day behind, coolness of the evening covers the day.

Only a few days will not to be enough to sight see all around Fethiye. Fethiye offers all the choices for a holiday.; history, culture, beach, water sports, Ölüdeniz Babadağ as the ideal paragliding spot of Turkey, the most fascinating recreation areas, ruins, best bays and shopping facilities…


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