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Dalyan is a town connected to Ortaca District of Muğla Province. It is situated on the main canal combining Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean. The population of the town is about 8.000. Despite being close to many well-known tourism spots, the town is relatively less developed in terms of tourism. The reason is located at 12km distance to the main road.

The distance of Dalyan, as a town of Ortaca District, to the neigbouring provinces and cities are as follows ; It is 12 km to central Ortaca, 75 km to Fethiye, 20 km to Dalaman Airport, 30 km to Köyceğiz, 75 km to central Muğla, 200 km to Bodrum, 160 km to Kaş, 275 km to Antalya Airport, 300 km to İzmir and 800 km to İstanbul.

As a natural wonder integrated with both sea and lake… Dalyan takes its name from 'dalyan' which means fishery, being done in the natural sources of the region for centuries. Fethiye Oscar Rent A CarBesides ancient Caunos settlement, the natural İztuzu, one of the last surviving beaches home for the endangered Carretta Carerettas, renders Dalyan a heaven. Dalyan is not situated by the sea but in spite of this fact, it has both sea and a lake. A memorable boat cruise circumnavigating the canals resembling a maze and pleasure of watching the bays in an unspoilt environement.

The pretty sea turtles included in the list of wrold's endangered species, come to İztuzu Beach in Dalyan to lay their eggs. Overfishing in France, Italy and Far East countries for consumption as luxury food, has resulted in almost extinction of this speices. Another endangered species is Cormorant, found in Dalyan. Name of this long beaked and colourful bird, suddenly appearing before you making a great show of fishing, is Kingfisher (Yalıçapkını) living in this region home to 180 different bird species. The region is a great attraction spot by bird observers from all around the world, who come to the region to see these rare species in Dalyan. The water is so tranquil that you can watch the fish accompanying the boats all along their journey. Dalyan delta is a shelter also for the blue crabs.Fethiye Oscar Rent A Car

If you visit Dalyan, a boat trip is a must for you. While watching the breathtaking panorama of Dalyan delta, a natural wonder, you will feel yourself as if in the middle of a giant maze. Overlooking the view, you will feel like you are watching a world map.

The magnificance of the steep mountains rising by your side while cruising among the reeds , is a proof of the God's genorisity to the area.

The facilities set along the river such as bars, restaurants and cafes are only one storeyed built in harmony with the nature. Of course one of the most beautiful views is the historical king tombs on the rifgt side of the road towards iztuzu. One can't breath seeing this marvellous structure dating back to 3000 years. Although it was free to walk through these king tombs before, due to the pollution caused by visitors, it has been forbidden for the last Fethiye Oscar Rent A Car4 years..

You can watch the walls of the ancient city Caunos while cruising along Dalyan Delta. As the boat sails, one totally looses his sense of direction. When you are expecting to arrive somewhere you find the captain steering towards a completely opposite direction. The geographical conditions have , in time, caused formation of bends and lakes in Dalyan delta. Heading towards this delta, you arrive at İztuzu beach, the second best natural beach of the world where you can swim in ether salt or fresh water.

This is the intersection point of the Agean and Mediterranean seeas. If you follow the delta upwards, you will arrive at Köyceğiz lake. If you choose a daily trip, your second stop after the mud bath will be Köyceğiz Lake. The captains moore just in the middle of the lake where you can enjoy swimming in these fresh waters. During your voyage many fish farms scattered throughout the way will welcome you.

Fethiye Oscar Rent A CarThere exists the beauty mud at the junction point of Köyceğiz lake and Dalyan Delta. Establishment of facilities have not been allowed at this natural source of mud so far.

As stated by the local people of Dalyan ; your skin gets stretched with the drying mud on you and if you coninue this cure for some time the wrinkles fade away. Furthermore, this natural source is also believed to be good for rheumatism and back discomfort. You can enjoy this cure after a mud bath.

İztuzu is one of the rare beaches that Caretta Carettas come ashore and leave their eggs. These endangered Caretta Carettas, attracting attention of the whole world, are the guests of Dalyan from April to September. On the other hand, Dalyan canals are the permanent residential of Nil Turtles. It has been also awarded as the second beach of the world with its well-preserved nature. İztuzu was a harbour in ancient times being used by the Caunos people. A tablet found in İztuzu reveals that it used to be a customs gate in ancient times and Canos people used to deal with trade of salt, slave and salt fish.

There are two access ways to iztuzu. Following a 35-40 minute pleasurable cruise among the reeds by boats moving from Dalyan quay , you arrive at the beach. Another route is provided by the minibus services moving in front of Dalyan post office. This is a quite fascinating route going through Sulungur Lake among pine trees. But if you ask our opinion, you should prefer the boats. You will adore both the part of the beach where the boats approach and the cruise itself. While strolling around İztuzu beach, you will envy your own shadow.

Another surpise welcoming you at the beach will be the tango of sea and beach. The images formed by the sea effect are the proofs of infinite creativity in nature. The beach is 5400 meter long. With the exemption of the dressing cabines, no building is allowed . Additionally pets like cat and dogs are not allowed on the beach to avoid any possible harm to caretta carrettas. Use of umbrellas is also prohibited at the marked locations.

The panoroma offers us all the magnificence of history as a concrete existence in front of our eyes. One of them is the Rock Tombs in Dalyan, the eternal king tombs remained standing against all the hardness of time to carry the secrets of past to future life. When you look at these king tombs, you can hear the rocks whispering in your ears stories from the past. The fine works on these engraved hard rocks will astonish you.

Besides its unique beauty, Dalyan is also recognized as a curing spot. The famous visitors coming from all over the world proves its importance and reputation( Dustin Hoffman ve Sting ). There are many people who say the spring waters here are good for back discomfort and rheumatism. Some tell they have got rid of their pain since their swim in these waters.

The primary one of these spring waters is the Sultaniye spring. Sultaniye springs on the hills of Ölmez Mountain in the south west of Köyceğiz lake are 4km to Dalyan. The temperature of the water is 39 C. It contains calcium, chlorine, calcium sulphate, calcium sulphur and radon. Water of Sultaniye spring began to be used first by the Caunos people. Later accomodations were built by tFethiye Oscar Rent A Carhe Byzantine. Ruins of harbour and buildings remaining from this period lie underneath Köyceğiz lake.

Life in Dalyan is identified with water. Until a short time ago, the life was completely based on boats. The weddings used to be organized on boats in convoys. The goods to be sold used to be carried to the bazaar on boats and the needs , in return, used to be carried back in the same way.

Dalyan was known by only a few foreign addicteds until 1990s. Another reason why it was unknown was due its location 12 km inland from the road Marmaris-Fethiye. However agencies like us organizing daily tours to Dalyan and the sea turtles Caretta Carrettas helped build up a reputaion. Actually Dalyan is situated very close to many tourism spots.

Access to Dalyan is quite easy. For those visiting the area by their cars, the route is very simple. Those coming by their private cars can reach Dalyan via Fethiye, Muğla or Fethiye Oscar Rent A CarMarmaris. You can access Dalyan also via Ortaca. It takes about 12-11 km between Ortaca-Dalyan. Those who will come by bus should keep in mind that the taxis are quite bargainable .

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